Queen Victoria :: Centro socio sanitario


Formerly known as “English Hospital”, it was built by architect Manuel Roca Súarez (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 1933). Nowadays the center has a capacity for 99 residential users and 30 daycare users.


A total of 58 rooms 15 of which are individual, 26 double, 15 sanitary and 2 suites. All of them are equipeed with adjustable beds, anti slip floors, voice intercoms, private bathroom, television and telephone.

Types of rooms:

  • Double
  • Individual
  • Sanitary (equipped with oxygen outlet and vacuum system, especially indicated for reintensification processes)
  • Suite
Separador instalaciones

The center has several rooms where dynamic activities develop.



It has two terraces, ideal for enjoying the outdoors and to encourage social interaction between users, relatives and staff. One is located on the ground floor, from where you can enjoy one of the best views of the city.

Dining room

A meeting place where residents enjoy the food that is prepared at the center, under the watchful eye of an expert in nutrition and dietetics. The menu is tailored to the special needs of each user.

Working for an active and healthy aging in an ideal environment



The center has several halls. The main one where the dynamic activities are developed, and two others located in each of the floors. These halls are quiet and ideal for residents to take a break, watch TV, read, and even use a computer or a tablet, and the service center has wifi available throughout the hotel.

Functional rehabilitation rooms

Spaces with the equipment required for the maintenance and recovery of the functional capabilities of users.

Types of rooms:

  • Physiotherapy room
  • Occupational therapy room