Queen Victoria :: Centro socio sanitario


Pre admission

An appointment for an initial interview is established, which will provide detailed information about the center and its operation, as well as the documentation required. The goals of this preliminary interview are:

  • Inform on the center and the general documentation required (an information kit containing a portfolio of services is provided).
  • A tour of the facility.
  • To know the needs of the person (and inform about what medical and social documentation are required).


Once admitted, we set an appointment with the medical team and establish a date for the delivery of documentation and the signing of the contract.

At the day of entry the user is welcomed and introduced to the staff and the other users, always favoring integration.

An individual assessment of the resident is performed in order to include him in the centre dynamics and to help him adapt to its many activities, taking into account his likings and needs.

An individualised monitoring is made during the first forty five days after admission by the multidisciplinary staff in order to assess the degree of adaptation.


General documentation to be submitted:

  • Photocopy of DNI of the individual and the family member, legal guardian or representative.
  • Photocopy of the [[póliza de decesos]], if available.
  • IBAN code of the account where the payment will be made.
  • Judicial authorization for entry ONLY when the person can not give consent to the entry.

Socio-sanitary documentation:

  • Photocopy of the health insurance card (Servicio Canario de Salud or private insurance).
  • Medical reports.
  • Recent clinical analysis.
  • List of current medications, signed by a doctor.
  • Social report (if available)
  • [[Reconocimiento del Grado de Dependencia]] (if it has been processed)


At the time of admission to our facility, the user must bring with him the following:

  • Medication and medical supplies prescribed for the first week of stay.
  • Grooming utensils.
  • Clothing suitable for industrial washing and drying machines. All items will be marked at the center free of charge.